Monday - 9.1.2017

Hello 2017!

Well 2016 was one fast pasted exciting year but here at Le Petit Renard Rouge we have some amazing new ideas, prints and some changes to our crowns that we are sure you are going to love!

We have been thinking long and hard here at HQ for a few months now about a making a change to our beloved fabric crowns.  Due to a lack of suppliers that stock our traditional Gold Denim that we have used for the reverse side of our crowns we had to make the hard decision as to what we were going to do.

So we did some hunting and some trialing and have come a cross another fabric that is as beautiful and BRIGHTER than the denim. So we have decided that going forward we will be using this new fabric as well as the traditional denim until our denim stocks are depleted or we find another supplier.

When you place your order simply add a note in the "Comments to Sellers" section at the check out what fabric you want on the reverse side and Ta-Da!

Hope you love the new update as much as we do.

Time to Play

- Claire x